Wagemaster Preparation Guide

When hiring new employees, we recommend that you add new employees into Wagemaster as they come onboard. Below is the list of help articles to assist you in maintaining and updating your payroll processes during busy times such as harvest and seeding. 

  1. Ensure you are on the latest version of Agrimaster and Wagemaster.
  2. Agrimaster and Wagemaster files must be linked. 
  3. Integrations between both Agrimaster and Wagemaster files must be in place to ensure Agrimaster obtains the data from the correct location in Wagemaster.
  4. Work on the Wagemaster file through File Manager to ensure your data is backed up at all times. 
  5. Plan ahead and setup employees in Wagemaster when you hire them ensuring you have everything set up within the file before doing the pay run on the actual date. 
  6. Set up taxable allowances if you pay any of your employees by run/per day/ per unit basis. 
  7. If applicable, setup JobKeeper Payment and check with your accountant on upcoming changes for the end of September. 
  8. Follow the best practice by creating payslips with start and finish times and taxable allowances.
  9. Import the payslips into Agrimaster and pay your employees as per the amount calculated by Wagemaster. 
  10. Once the payslips have been imported, you can create EFT batch payment.
  11. STP Reporting must be processed and should be done on or before the date of payment. Please avoid any late reporting. 
  12. To avoid extra admin work for yourself, try to have all the employees on consistent and similar pay cycles and pay them on a set day of the week/fortnight/month. 


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