Create EFT Batch Payments

Using Internet Banking, you can send multiple EFT payments (Electronic Funds Transfer) to your bank. This is done by creating EFT batch payments.

An EFT batch can contain any of the following:

  • Both EFT Cash Transfers and EFT transactions in the same batch
  • Only EFT transactions
  • Only EFT transfers

Before you can send EFT transactions to the bank using an EFT batch, you first need to create your EFT transactions or EFT transfers vin Agrimaster.

  1. From the Home screen, click Cashbook image001.jpg
  2. Click EFT Acc/Pay Cheques image002.jpg
  3. The Electronic Funds Transfer, accounts payable, Cheques screen displays. Any EFT transactions or transfers you have already created will be listed here. Uncheck Show part creditor payments, if not already
  4. Click the EFT icon to display the export window 


  5. The Export to [bank name] screen displays 


    • Pay From Account: Double check the selection displayed is correct. If incorrect, click Change PAY FROM Bank Account for this Batch to amend
    • Batch Process Date: The Last Date for Payment selected when the EFTs were created must match or be after the Batch Process Date
    • Payments list box: Lists the EFTs previously created for payment.
      • Select single payment: Click the payment you would like to send
      • Select multiple payments: To select all payments on the list, click and drag the first payment to the last on the list. They will all be highlighted.
      • Select multiple, non-consecutive payments: Hold the CTRL key and click the required payments
      • Number of Payments / Total of Payments: Double check if these are correct
      • Click the green tick or press F10 to export the payments to your bank’s Internet Banking
  6. If any of the entries in the batch do not have their EFT details setup correctly, you will get an error message similar to the error displayed below. Select OK. To fix the Payee Account Number, follow this articleimage005.jpg
  7. If you have sent an EFT batch using the computer you are currently using before, the below message appears 


  8. If you have not sent a batch before on this PC, you will see the message below. Select Yes to confirm 


  9. Select Yes again to confirm (This box will not appear if you have not sent a batch using this computer before) 


  10. Select Yes to update the records 


  11. You are now ready to send the EFT Batch file (.aba) to the bank


Uploading the EFT batch file to your bank’s website

Your EFT batch has been created as an .aba file on your computer. This file needs to be uploaded to your bank's website to process the payments you have selected.

The location of the .aba file is C:\Users\Public\Agrimaster\NetBank

As all banks and their respective websites are different, you will need to contact your bank if you do not know how to upload an EFT batch file to your bank's website.

However, in general there is an option to browse for the file and you will need to locate the ABA file via windows.

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