Set up BSB and Account Details in the Agrimaster Contact Centre

Before transactions can be sent to your bank using an EFT Batch, the BSB and bank account numbers need to be set up for the persons or companies you wish to send funds to in the Agrimaster Contact Centre.

The Contact Centre can be accessed from:

  • From the Home Page: Click Setup & Tools
    Click Cashbook Setup
    Click Names; or

  • From Cashbook, click EFT Acc/Pay
    Click Export to [Bank name]
    Click the Edit EFT Account Numbers button; or

  • Enter Cheques to print, EFT to send, Accounts Payable: Select a name from the Pay/Send To drop-down field. Then click EFT Account

Once you are in the Agrimaster Contact Centre, to set up the EFT details:

  1. Find and then select the contact you would like to pay from the Contact Details list image001.jpg
  2. Click the EFT Details tab image002.jpg
    • BSB: Enter the selected contact’s bank BSB
    • Account Number: Enter the selected contact’s banking account number
  3. Follow Steps 1 and 2 until you have entered the EFT Details for each person you would like to pay via EFT 
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