How To Choose The Best Internet Banking Feeds For Your Business

Agrimaster has two ways to download a bank statement from your bank to the cashbook. Each method has its pros and cons, yet the outcome is almost identical. 

  1. Automated bank feeds setup through Agrimaster’s File Manager. 
  2. Manual CSV statement download from the bank accessed directly through the Agrimaster cashbook.  

In some instances, certain banks are not supported by Illion (our secure Bank Feeds provider), e.g., Rabo Bank. In this case, you need to use the CSV statement download option from Rabo Bank Internet Banking for Agrimaster’s reconciliation process.  

Choosing the best method 

  • Both methods save you a lot of time doing your books.
  • Both methods download almost identical sets of data.
  • Automatic Cashbook reconciliation process works the same for both.

Automated Bank Feeds > 

Pros Cons

Transaction automatically imported overnight.

Not all banks are supported.

One less step to reconcile.

Some commercial banking products are not supported.

Pending transactions are available to be imported.

If importing pending transactions, these may not include foreign fees, and the value may change once settled.

  Security Validation is required each month.


CSV Transaction Download >

Pros Cons
Supports a larger range of banks & banking products.

Need to download the transactions as you require them.

Choose the download date range in the specific month that you are reconciling, i.e., a day, week, or month.

No closing balances; these are entered manually.

Choose an account to download.

Only imports settled transactions.  

Feel more in control.



Once you have chosen your preferred method, the following articles and videos will help get your automatic reconciliation working in no time. 

Setup manual CSV transaction download: 

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  5. How to: Reconcile Your Statement Automatically – Agrimaster 
  6. Internet Banking – Agrimaster 
  7. Setup Bank Feeds: Bank Feeds – Agrimaster

If you need any further help: 

Search the Help Centre here >   

Log a Customer Support call >

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