Prerequisites To Using Internet Banking With Agrimaster

  1. Register For Internet Banking
    Contact your bank to register for internet banking, including confirming that the service allows uploading batch files. Most personal internal banking won't allow you to upload batch files. 

    You will be issued a username and password (and possibly other credentials) to access your bank's internet banking service. 

    To use internet banking, you will need the following:
      • Both you and the recipients' BSB and account numbers. 
        The first 6 digits of the number represent the BSB, i.e. 306-089.
        The account number, i.e. 0001234 (maximum of 9 digits). 
      • BSB and account numbers are usually on bank statements.
      • APCA a unique 6 digit number. 
  2. Internet Connection
    Internet access is required to conduct internet banking.

    Agrimaster creates tiny data files to allow you to use internet banking regardless of your internet speed.

    Agrimaster will create a file to upload your payment information, and the internet banking facility produces an even smaller file that downloads as your transaction file. 

Please Note:

  • Credit cards do not have BSB and account numbers and are not compatible with the batch file procedure.
  • Ask the recipient for the BSB number and account number. 
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