Import Transactions

You can watch our video tutorial below:

Before importing transactions into Agrimaster, you need to complete the following first: 

Once the above have been completed, follow the below steps to import the bank transactions you have downloaded from your bank into Agrimaster:

  1. From the Home Page image001.jpg, click Cashbook
  2. Click Reconciliation image003.jpg
  3. From the Bank Account list, select the account you want to reconcile
  4. In the Bank Statement Closing field, enter the closing balance that appears on the bank statement
  5. Press the Enter key twice or click image004.png to display the Reconciliation window
  6. Click on Load Statement from Internet Banking image005.png
  7. The Open File window appears 


    1. File Name: The CSV (selected from the Files box) file to be imported into Agrimaster
    2. Path: Ensure the Path is C:\Users\Public\Agrimaster\NetBank\
    3. Files: Displays a list of CSV files previous exported from your bank. Select the file to be imported into Agrimaster. Eg farmcheq.csv.
    4. Click or press F10 to continue
  8. A message will now display, informing you of the last date and time the statement was exported from your bank and imported into Agrimaster. Check the date and time to ensure you are dealing with the latest data.  Click Yes if OK.

Loading the statement may take a while as Agrimaster sorts the data into many categories as well as automatically clearing any cheques already in the cashbook. 

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