Getting Started Training

The Getting Started training covers everything you need to start using Agrimaster. You have the option of watching the webinars or following the help articles.


Webinar Course Outline - Click Here

Help Articles

The help article training is broken into 7 modules:

  1. Enter transactions
  2. Invoicing
  3. Reconcile your accounts 
  4. Processing your BAS
  5. Reporting
  6. Maintain your cashbook
  7. Managing assets and stock 

Module 1: Enter Transactions

Module 2: Setting Up And Using Tax Invoices (Income)

Module 3: Account Reconciliation

Module 4: Processing Your BAS

  • Print off and review each of the following reports (as required):
  • Review all tax reports to ensure you agree with the data entered in the cashbook: 
    • Generate a Stacked Report & compare to the GST Report for the current period.
    • Ensure all transactions are identified under the correct GST category.
    • All fuel transactions must be correct litres, % rate claimed & delivery date.
    • Correct any identified errors for closed months in the current quarter through repair past.
      Please Note: This may cause corrections for the current BAS period. 
    • Compare the Payment Summary Report from your payroll program to Agrimaster's Wages Tax Report. 

 Module 5: Using Agrimaster Reports

Module 6: Maintain Your Cashbook

  • Merge Codes/Names - Click Here
  • Hide Bank Accounts, Codes, Allocations, Enterprises Or Names - Click Here
  • Import Data From Another Agrimaster File - Click Here
  • Export Data to Another Agrimaster File - Click Here
  • Repair Past: Add and Edit a Transaction - Click Here
  • Reopen a Closed Month - Click Here

Module 7: Manage Your Assets & Stock

Next Steps

Full Budget training - Unlock the full power of Agrimaster with budgeting. Learn to create detailed reports & track your farm finances to gain insights to make good business decisions - Click Here.


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