Receive Payments for Tax Invoices (Basic Invoicing)

Agrimaster assists you with moving paid invoices into an income entry in your Cashbook transactions.

  1. Click on Home
  2.  Click on Cashbook
  3. Click on Basic Invoicing Acc / Rec
  4. The Unpaid Invoices and Accounts Receivable window opens. Click on Print or Pay Invoice
  5.  Find the paid invoice by name, amount or date

    Click on the invoice

    Optional, select multiple invoices if the invoices were paid on the same date, by holding the CTRL (control) key and click to highlight more than one invoice

  6.  Enter the date (required) the invoice payment was received
  7. Click on Move paid invoices to cashbook using above date
  8. At the Receive Payment for Invoices window, click Yes
  9. Click on to close and return to the Unpaid Invoices and Accounts Receivable window
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