Enter Money Received for RCTI

There are times your business receives money, but you have not issued an invoice. Most of the time you have delivered goods to a stock broker or grain cooperative. The co-op or broker issues themselves a tax invoice (RCTI) and pay the money directly to your bank account and send you a copy of the tax invoice.

  1. Have a printed copy of the tax invoice that the co-op or broker issued to themselves available
  2.   Click the Home Page button
  3.  Click on Cash Book
  4.  Click on Transactions
  5.  Click on Add New to go to the Enter Cashbook Transactions window
  6. In Format, choose POST GST transaction 
  7. In Bank Account, choose the account where the money was received
  8. Optional, enter a receipt number or bank tracking number in Reference
  9. Enter the payment that was deposited into your bank account
  10. Enter the co-op’s or broker’s Name
  11. In Code, find a matching INCOME Code
  12. Recommended: Enter the branch of your business into the Enterprise, if it is not automatically entered (in this example we show Cattle)


  13. Enter the Quantity, Description and Amount including GST

  14. Press the Enter key and the details will show up in the first row (split 1)
    Notice that Cash Book calculates the GST

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