Getting Started Training

Getting Started training covers everything you need to start using Agrimaster.
The training is broken into 6 modules:

  1. Enter transactions
  2. Invoicing
  3. Reconcile your accounts 
  4. Reporting
  5. Maintain your cashbook
  6. Managing assets and stock 

Module 1: Enter Transactions

Module 2: Setting Up And Using Tax Invoices (Income)

Module 3: Account Reconciliation

 Module 4: Using Agrimaster Reports

Module 5: Maintain Your Cashbook

  • Merge Codes/Names - Click Here
  • Hide Bank Accounts, Codes, Allocations, Enterprises Or Names - Click Here
  • Import Data From Another Agrimaster File - Click Here
  • Export Data to Another Agrimaster File - Click Here
  • Repair Past: Add and Edit a Transaction - Click Here
  • Reopen a Closed Month - Click Here

Module 6: Manage Your Assets & Stock

Next Steps

Full Budget training - Unlock the full power of Agrimaster with budgeting. Learn to create detailed reports & track your farm finances to gain insights to make good business decisions - Click Here.


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