Full Budget Training

Full Budget training covers everything you need to setup and use the Full Budget feature in Agrimaster.

In The Module You Will Learn How To: 

  1. Setup & create a Full Budget 
  2. Learn what worksheets are and how to set them up
  3. Learn to setup and use the Grain Income Calculator 
  4. Create a Statement of Position 
  5. How to deal with AWB loan options 
  6. Budget analysis 

Learning Modules:

Module 1: Setting up full budgets to manage your cash flow  & minimise risk:

Watch webinar 1: Click Here

Read the Help Centre articles: 

  1. Read the Overview of Worksheets, Budgets & Reports.
  2. Tax Setups: 
  3. Worksheets Types: 
  4. Pulling Reports:

Module 2: Setting up the cropping worksheets & Grain Income Calculator:

Watch webinar 2 - Click Here

Read the Help Centre articles:

1. Cropping Worksheets: 

2. Grain Income Calculator: 

Module 3: Setting up fixed & variable cost worksheet:

Watch webinar 3: Click Here

Read the Help Centre articles:

1. Salaries & Wages Worksheet: 

2. Setting up Assets & liabilities Worksheet:

3. Setting up the Full Budget: 

Module 4: Creating a statement of position & budget analysis: 

Watch webinar 4 - Click Here

Read the help centre articles:

1. Statement of Position (SOP):

2. Budget Analysis:

  • How to generate a budget to cashbook comparison report
    • Why And How To Run A Budget To Cashbook Comparison Report- Click Here
    • How To Set Your Current Budget To The Cashbook - Click Here
  • Importing cashbook actuals into a budget 
  • Copy/create new budgets from existing ones 
  • Import an input cost list from another file - Click Here
  • Worksheet tools refresher - Click Here
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