Open a closed BAS period

This article is for users who want to open a closed BAS period. 

The steps include:

  1. Complete the steps in Print and Review BAS Report. Consult with your accountant for any changes prior to closing the BAS period.
  2.  Click on Home.
  3.   Click on Cashbook.
  4.   Click on Report and choose a report that answers a management question.
  5.  Click on Tax Reports.
  6. Complete steps 1-5 in Print and Close BAS Period.
  7. Go to the bottom-right side of the Tax Reports window and click on Open Previous Period.
  8. Select the area of the BAS you need to correct and click OK.
  9. Click on Yes to confirm you are opening the previous BAS Period.
  10. Click on X to close.
  11. Make corrections using the steps in Find Transactions, Enter Payments or Enter Money Received.
  12. After corrections are complete, follow steps 1-5 again to open the Tax Reports.
  13. Note that the dates may be different for the sections that are open and closed Choose the BAS. (View, Print, Close Tax period) and click on the green tick.

  14. Complete steps 7-14 in the Print and Close BAS instructions.
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