Print and Review BAS Report

This article is for users who want to print a preliminary BAS (Business Activity Statement) report and verify that all of the purchases (expenses) and paid invoices (income) have been correctly entered.

Look at the totals including the estimated GST. After any data is corrected or if the report is correct as is, print a final GST report. The final report will close this BAS tax period.

Recommended: Complete a Reconciliation and use the following Tax Reports to ensure accurate data prior to starting the BAS process.

  1. Complete the steps in Reconcile Accounts

    Recommended: Use the 5 reports to verify that all data is correctly and completely entered

    1. GST (Full Report)

      – check that data is in correct categories and all data has been entered

    2. Installment Income Tax (Details)

      – if the ATO requires you to pay installments

    3. Wages Tax Deductions (Details)

      – if you pay employees and withhold tax

    4. Withholding Tax Deductions (Details)

      – if you paid a supplier that does not have an ABN

    5. Fuel Tax Rebate (Details)

      – to verify you entered the litres (required numbers) with the fuel costs

  2.   Click on Home.
  3.  Click on Cashbook.
  4.  Click on Report and choose a report that answers a management question.
  5.  Click on Tax Reports.
  6.  When running the preliminary (draft) report, choose BAS (View and Print only).
  7.  Click on.
  8. At the Tax Reports window, click No.
  9. Click on Print.
  10. Look at the amounts and compare to your previous month’s BAS or previous year’s BAS for the same month.

    Look for numbers that seem significantly different or zero compared to the previous BAS.

    If the numbers seem irregular, review the list in Cashbook > Transactions.

    See Enter Payments and Troubleshooting Expenses and GST to correct the data detail.

  11. Click on X to close and click on X to close (again) to return to the report window. 

Recommended: After you correct the report, send a printed report to your tax accountant for review and revisions.

Alternatively, if your accountant uses Agrimaster send your file to your accountant.

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