Disconnect and Reconnect a Bank Feed

To perform a manual disconnect and reconnect of a Bank Feed, follow the steps below.

Note: Unless advised to disconnect and reconnect Bank Feeds, contact Agrimaster Support before following these steps.


  1. Navigate to the Bank Feeds Section
    File Manager>Bank Accounts>Bank Feeds

  2. Determine which Bank Feeds need to be disconnected
    Scroll down the Bank Feed's section and look for every bank that contains a red error message.

  3. Disconnect Bank Feed
    Click the button in red text that says "Disconnect Bank Feed"
    This can be found at the top right of the bank container, not to be confused with the smaller black text disconnect buttonsinline1369321303.png

  4. Reconnect the Banks again

    Click the blue button that says 'Connect a New Bank Feed'
    mceclip0.pngIf you are unfamiliar with this process, it is essential to be familiarised with it as Bank Feeds can disconnect frequently; you can do this by following the Bank Feeds setup articles: Enter Banking CredentialsLinking Bank Accounts.

  5. Refresh browser


    Please then click the refresh button
  6. Still not working?
    If Bank Feed's still don't work you may need to perform a manual fix
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