Refreshing Data For MFA Customers

The Refresh Data button is presented for accounts that have Multi-Factor Authentication after 24 hours of connecting the Bank Feed.

To learn more about MFA please read of this article: What Is Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) & How Does It Affect Me?


Some Bank Accounts require a security token or code to be entered in upon login. This means every time the user requests the most up to date information from Bank Feeds they will have to enter the token from their app, RSA token, or similar.


How to Refresh Data

  1. Click the 'Bank Feeds' tab on the left side of the screen
  2. Click the 'Refresh Data' button next to the feed you wish to refresh
  3. A popup similar to the image below will appear after loading:
    • Please note: Depending on your bank, this pop up may look different. The purpose is the same which is to input the security code from your app, dongle/token, or similar.
  4. The moment the code is entered click Submit
  5. The Refresh Data button will disappear and present the following message temporarily:
  6. Please wait up to 10 minutes 
  7. Refresh your browser. 
    This will ensure the latest information will populate ready for your statements to be imported
  8. Proceed with importing your Bank Statements as usual
    Please read this article to get started
    Step Six: Importing Bank Statements

Refresh Data not working?
The following issue has been presented to Customer Support and we are currently investigating possible reasons for this:

  • Customers have encountered the loading screen for an extended period, without any text appearing, after clicking 'Refresh Data': mceclip0.png

Please close and re-open File Manager in another browser (i.e Edge or Chrome) and see if issues persist, and please log a support ticket with screenshots and as much information as possible.


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