File stuck on verifying

This article is for users experiencing a file flashing as verifying or seeming to be stuck on verifying when trying to open their file.

The verifying process occurs quickly and you should not see this for more than a few moments. If the verifying message persists, or your files flash as verifying for a long period, there can be a number of causes that may require investigation by the Customer Support team.


How many files is this affecting?

First, you will need to see if it is affecting just one file or multiple. Go to the home screen to be able to see all your files in the list. To do this, Click on Home to see all your files in the list.

Look in the file status column and see how many files it is appearing for and follow the appropriate steps below.




Appearing as verifying for...

All files

If it is occurring for all the files in your file list please follow the steps -  All Files are Appearing as Verifying


More than one file, but not all the files

Please restart your computer and if the issue still persists please contact Customer Support.


Just one file

Please follow these steps:

  1. Refresh the File Manager page and check your files show as Backed Up.
  2. Clear your browser cache: Clearing A Browser Cache
  3. Have the File Manager browser open, and press Ctrl + Shift + R on your keyboard, this is called a hard refresh
  4. Close down the File Manager page and reopen it to make sure the issue has been resolved permanently
  5. If the issue persists, change the browser that you use to open File Manager: Open Agrimaster in a different browser
  6. If the verifying message occurs while you still have Agrimaster open, please close Agrimaster, check that Agrimaster isn't still open, and refresh the File Manager page.
  7. A background update could be trying to apply, or you may need to check for updates
  8. If the error persists after conducting the above steps, please contact Customer Support.
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