Update Agrimaster

If you are not running the latest release, on closing the Agrimaster software, a window will display notifying you that you are not running the latest release. You will be reminded to update.

To update Agrimaster

  1. You will be prompted to update. Click on Yes and the update process will begin.
  2. If you clicked No, you will see the details of the update, click the green tick resume the update
  3. Enter your password & click the green tick 
  4. At the Run Setup screen, click OK
  5. If the Setup screen shown in Step 6 appears over the Run Setup screen shown in Step 4, click and hold the top border/strip and drag the screen to one side so that you can then see the Run Setup screen. Now click OK.


  6. Click on Next


  7. Read the Terms & Conditions. Click I Agree to the accept the TCs  4.JPG
  8. Click Next to continue. If you want to save the program in a different folder, click on Browse to select another folder 5.JPG
  9. Click Next to start the installation process 8.JPG
  10. Moving files screen will briefly appear.


  11. Once the install is complete, click Finish to exit7.JPG

If you are installing Agrimaster on a second computer or transferring to a new computer, you will also need to restore your Agrimaster data file/s.

To restore your file:

  1. Find your Agrimaster backup file/s
  2. Restore your file (using the same method you backed up)
  3. Repeat the process for each file you need to use
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