Section B - STP Reporting Actions For End Of Financial Year

This section will cover all the steps related to Single Touch Reporting and will assist you with finalising wages.

  1. Backup Your Wagemaster File To File Manager.
  2. STP Mark Final Pay Reporting Event.
  3. Produce Employee ATO Payment Summaries (Optional) - In an STP-enabled system employees can access their earnings data via their myGov account. 
  4. Backup Your Wagemaster File To File Manager - It is important to constantly backup your file during the EOFY process.
  5. Housecleaning of Your Wagemaster File (Optional).-If in doubt whether you should perform a house clean, skip this step.
  6. Ongoing Maintenance And Payroll Corrections In An STP - Enabled System.

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Section C - Preparation For New Financial Year

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