Start Replacement File Process

This article will explain the Replacement File process and how to request one. 

Once a Replacement File is requested, a new, empty file will be delivered for your business.

For 60 days, you will have access to your old and new file under your current subscription. 



Before being able to request a Replacement File, please complete the below in order.

  1. Fill in a request to get the replacement file - Replacement File Request
  2. Review the email from Agrimaster with Information on Getting a New File (Replacement File)
  3. Read About The Replacement File Process to understand what it is and what's involved.

  4. Read the Terms & Conditions

  5. Decide if you would like to request a new file

  6. Identify who this may impact and notify them.

    • This would be anyone who uses your file and who you have shared it with. E.G your Accountant, Consultant, Business Partner, or Family Member.

Once you have completed all the above items, follow the below to request a replacement file.


How to Start Replacement File

  1. Double click the Agrimaster icon on the desktop

  2. Login using your user number and password.

    Please note: Make sure you are logged in with the user number assigned to the file you wish to request a new file.
  3. Select the file you would like to replace. In the file overview, select the three dots. Then Select “Replacement File”.


  4. Read each of the articles. 
  5. Tick each box to indicate that you have read the articles
  6. Press Okay to request a Replacement File.

  7. The file will be delivered automatically, it will take up to 5 Minutes.

  8. Once the file has arrived, an orange banner will appear.  mceclip2.png


What's Next?

Once the new file is available in Agrimaster, you will receive an email with a checklist of steps to set it up and get started. The file will appear in File Manager as per below image:


Please note: you will have access to both your current file and the replacement file for 60 days. Within this time, you need to setup the new file by following the setup guide that matches your subscription.


Replacement File Setup Guide - Agrimaster Standard subscription

Replacement File Setup Guide - Agrimaster Plus Subscription (Wagemaster)




The subscription type of your file can be found just above the Open button for your file:



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