About the Replacement File Process

There may be times when a farm business needs to start a new Agrimaster file. This could be due to the existing file being:

  • Several years old
  • Too large
  • Slow to open
  • The code lists too long with many codes no longer used

A subscription entitles you to one file per subscription, however, we have created a way for Agrimaster customers to create a new file, whilst still using their existing subscription temporarily at no extra cost.

The new file is referred to as “The Replacement file”. It is called the replacement file, as it is the new file that will replace the existing file.

The Replacement file process allows you to request a file to replace an existing one. Once the new file is delivered, the Replacement file and the existing file will both exist for 60 days with only one subscription.


Benefits Of A Replacement File

  • A relevant and refreshed set of bank accounts, codes, enterprises, allocations, names, etc.
  • Improved reporting
  • The file size is smaller which improves upload and download speed when saving data
  • Any corrupted invoices or records won't continue to be replicated

The 60 day transition period enables you time to close off the existing file and move the file setup (Tax setup, Codes, Budgets, etc) over to the new file ready for use.  Once the 60 days are up, the existing file will become an Agrimaster Read Only file, and the new replacement file will become the main file.

During this process, we provide steps to ensure the existing file is closed and can be assigned an Agrimaster Read Only subscription and the New Replacement file is ready for use.


What Can Be Imported Into The New File 

  • Codes
    • Transaction Codes
    • Enterprises
    • Allocations
  • Enhanced invoice Items
  • Tax Setups
    • GST Setup
    • Tax Deducted Setup
    • Tax Withheld Setup
    • PAYG Setup 
  • Contact list
  • Budgets
    • Most recent Quick Budget and Full Budget
  • Budget Cost List 

The Process


You can request the replacement file once the feature has been turned on in File Manager. Currently, we have a limited number of spots for customers who wish to use this feature. If you wish to participate in the replacement file process and haven't spoken to Agrimaster Customer Support about this yet, please submit a Customer Support ticket

Once the new file is delivered, File Manager will look like the below: mceclip1.png

These two files are linked, therefore anyone who has the file shared with them will be able to see the replacement file. 

The new file is will have the same name with a suffix of "From July 2021". The old file is highlighted in yellow.

  • The transition period is over 60 days to give you time to close off your existing file and move your file setup (Tax setup, Codes, Budgets) over to the new file, ready to begin using it once the existing file is wrapped up for this financial year.
  • Once the 60 days are up, the existing file will become an Agrimaster Read Only file, and the new replacement file will become the main file for the new financial year.
  • The two files will unlink and will now be completely separate files. The new file is now ready to use. 


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will I need to reshare my new replacement file again?
  2. If I have outstanding transactions from past months/years, what should I do with them?
  3. If I have outstanding cheques from past months/years, what should I do with them?
  4. When starting a new file, can I bring over some of the codes I would still like to use?
  5. Can I use F6 or the recent transactions feature in the new replacement file?
  6. What needs to be setup in a new replacement file that cannot be imported from an old file?
  7. I want to clean up my codes list, but I also want to import my budget from my old file to my new file, what do I do?
  8. Dealing with outstanding enhanced invoices
  9. I haven’t paid my June 30th super in this financial year, how do I deal with it in the new file?
  10. I have old bank accounts that exist in my budget but not in my new file, what do I do?
  11. Can I bring over my cashbook actuals for my budget into the new file?
  12. When starting a new file, can I bring over my Full Budgets and Quick Budgets into the new file?
  13. Can I bring my budget cost lists into my new file?
  14. If I have multiple budgets, can I import them all into my new file?
  15. How long do I have to get the data across to the new file and have edit access to both files at the same time?
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