Step Four: Enter Banking Credentials

This article outlines the fourth step in setting up Bank Feeds for Agrimaster. In this step, you are setting up the integration between your bank and Agrimaster.

Important Note: To complete the process you require the Internet Banking Credentials that align with the file to be setup with Bank Feeds.  

Please Note: If the images are too small to view, right-click on an image and open a new tab to zoom in.

  1.  Select the Bank Feeds tab.
    • This can be located in File Manager if you select the Bank Accounts tab & the Bank Feeds tab will appear below.
  2. Connect a new Bank Feed.
    • Once you have navigated to the Bank Feeds tab, click on the Connect New Bank Feed button.
  3. Select your bank/s.
    • Search for your bank by typing the bank name in the search bar. Alternatively, you can click your bank if the logo appears below. Click Show All to present a list of all banks.
  4. Enter bank credentials.
    • You will be asked to login in with your bank credentials. These are the same details you use to log in to Internet Banking on your bank's website.
  5. Once you've agreed to the User Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy, and have submitted your credentials, Bank Feeds will attempt to connect to your bank.
  6. Click Return to Bank Feeds to view your recently connected bank. Please continue to refresh your page and wait up to 3 minutes for your bank to appear in your Bank Feeds section.
  7. Your recently connected bank feed will populate in the Bank Feeds section with available bank account/s to link to your Agrimaster bank account/s.mceclip0.png
  8. Important Note: This process only needs to be repeated if you have bank accounts with other banks. 
    • Follow this same process to add another bank. You can do this by clicking on the Connect New Bank Feed button again

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