Setting Up Shearers Or Employees Paid On Per Unit Basis

Before creating any employee first check that you have: 

  1. Created a new base pay rate for the employee(s). In the case of shearers or any employees paid on a per-unit basis, you will create a pay rate with zero amount as they will be paid via taxable allowances and in order for the employee setup to be complete, there has to be a pay rate attached to the employee record.
  2. Created a new super fund (unless the new employee is with the same fund as someone else). 
  3. Created a new bank (if necessary).
  4. Decided the relevant tax table for the employee & setup (if required). 
  5. Created any new allowances required for the new employee (if required).
  6. Created a new award (if required)- You can also copy and edit an existing award or you can import award templates and choose the award.
  7. Create a new pay period (if required). 
  8. Create a unit based taxable allowance. (Do not tick any box at step 7 for ATO Payment Summary as that applies in case of true allowance only and not for employees paid on a per-unit basis)
    • Attach the unit based allowance created above to the employee record by clicking on Employee
    • Navigate to the employee being paid on a per-unit basis. Click on Payments. 
    • Click Allowance and then Add. You will see the wizard as below, select the Allowance created in the step above in the description box from the drop-down menu.
  • Click on Close to save changes. 

Follow the help article linked here on how to pay shearers: Create A Payslip Using Taxable Allowances.

You will also need to complete payroll configuration in Agrimaster for shearers and otherwise to ensure these transactions are coded correctly in your cashbook in order for the transactions to appear on your W1 and W2.
Transactions will be imported into Agrimaster and reported through STP as normal. 

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