Import Pay Run From Employment Hero To Agrimaster

Once the relevant pay runs have been created in Employment Hero, the data can be imported into Agrimaster to process payments to employees. 

First, you need to complete the Integration Setup and the Payroll Setup.

Please Note

Wages records and super records will be imported at the same time. When importing your pay run as a transaction or EFT in Agrimaster, two transactions will be created per eligible employee, per pay period; one for super and one for wages.

This means if you pay your employees fortnightly, you will have a new super record created per employee per fortnight.

If you pay super quarterly, you will need to future date the super record when importing, and keep these records in your cashbook until you pay them.

How To Import A Pay Run

  1. Finalise the pay run in Employment Hero 
  2. In File Manager, navigate to your Agrimaster file from the list of files available and upon clicking on your file, you will see Payroll available on the left side of the screen.
  3. Click Payroll.
  4. Click Import Pay Run. Import_payrun.png
  5. Select the Pay Run to be imported from the drop-down list.
    Please Note
    The pay runs will be listed as the newest at the top. You can filter out previously imported pay runs by leaving the check box unticked.
  6. Select the payment date for the wages. This is the date the employees' payroll payment will be processed/submitted.
  7. Select the tentative date of payment for super in order for the transaction to be created for that particular month.
  8. Select the date of the invoice if you are on accruals for GST purposes. If you are reporting on a cash basis, you will not see an invoice date field.
  9. Click Preview to view the pay run being imported.preview.png
  10. Review the lines listed to make sure they are correct.
  11. Click Cancel if there are any changes required, then go to Employment Hero and make the changes. Preview_screen.pngPlease Note
    To check the data displayed in the Preview screen, produce a Payment History Report in Employment Hero or check payslips for the related pay run, prior to importing please see How to Preview a Pay Run Before Importing.
  12. Click on Import to EFTs or Import to Transactions, depending on how you pay your employee/s.
    Please Note
    Each record created is for an individual payment to an individual bank account depending on how the setup is done within Employment Hero.
    For example, if an employee has $200.00 of their pay deposited into one bank account and the remainder of their pay deposited into another bank account, then two transactions will be created, one for the $200.00 allocation and one for the remainder.
  13. Once the transactions are imported, the below message will the displayed.
  14. Click Close and you will be taken back to the Payroll main screen. 
  15. Click on Overview to get back to your Agrimaster file.
  16. Wait for the latest revision to upload before opening your file, as the transactions being imported in your Agrimaster file will result in an update to your file.New_File_Revisio.png
  17. To view the imported data, starting at the home page, click Cashbook.
  18. Click Transactions or EFT Acc/Pay Cheques, depending on where in your Agrimaster cashbook you instructed the payroll and/or superannuation data to be sent. 


If your employee names already exist in Agrimaster before integrating with Employment Hero, for any difference in the employee name (e.g: middle name is added to the employee record in KeyPay but was not entered in Agrimaster/Wagemaster/any payroll software), a new contact will be created in Agrimaster as the system will pick it as 2 different employees. You can use the merge names feature within Agrimaster to merge them for easy reporting. 

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