Agrimaster Service Is Currently Not Available / Local Host Error

Sometimes, when you click the Agrimaster icon on your desktop, File Manager opens in the browser, and then you get one of the two screens below: 



Your computer needs time to start all the services it needs to run when you first turn it on. Agrimaster will refresh and try to load in intervals until the Agrimaster service starts running.

If you see one of the above errors, and your computer hasn't just been turned on, something may have blocked the Agrimaster service from running. This could be because Agrimaster was running a background update at the time, or potentially an issue with antivirus blocking the service from starting.

To Start The Service Manually

  1. Click on the Start button and, in the search bar, type in Services, and open the app that appears.

  2. Check that you have an Agrimaster and an Agrimaster.Monitor service underneath, and that they are both running.
  3. If the Agrimaster service is not running, you can click Start the service and wait for File Manager to load.
  4. If this doesn't work, please Reinstall Agrimaster manually.

Please log a support ticket, including details of when you last used Agrimaster, when this issue occurred, and whether it has happened more than once.

Please also let us know if you have Agrimaster.Monitor as per the above screenshot.

We may need to remotely access your computer via TeamViewer and take the error logs, alternatively, if you provide them with your ticket it can save time: Copy Logs To Send To Customer Support.

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