The Selected File Is Of The Wrong Format Error

When importing a bank statement into Agrimaster, if the format of the file is different to the bank accounts setup a message will appear “The selected file is of the wrong format. Suggest accessing [Bank Name] and re-exporting the file.” This message will stop the bank statement from being imported.

The error indicates the file format that the account is expecting is not the right one. The error message below shows that the account was expecting a BankWest OBB Bank Statement to be imported that hasn't been. 




What to Check 

1. The file is a CSV

Need to make sure the file is a .csv file (comma-separated values). To find out if the bank statements are in the CSV format:

    1. Locate to where the file was a download. It is likely that it was saved to C:\Users\Public\Agrimaster\Netbank or your downloads folder in file explorer
    2. Right-click the file's icon.
    3. Click “Properties
    4. Find the file type listed under “Type of File”


2. The browser is not opening the file

When the file has been exported from your bank account and downloaded to your computer. If the file is opened prior to being imported into Agrimaster the file format may change the CSV. to stop the file from being automatically opened follow this article.

Files Automatically Opening On Download


3. The correct Format was select when downloading from the bank.

check, the bank account download format option on your internet banking site matches the required download format option. Refer to the setup in Agrimaster below

Download Bank Statement and Import Bank Transactions


4. The Internet banking setup in Agrimaster is correct for the bank account 

Check the bank account in the Agrimaster Internet Banking setup matches the required download option.

Note: some banks have multiple options.


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