The Selected File Is Of The Wrong Format Error


This article assists with the error:
“The selected file is of the wrong format. Suggest accessing [Bank Name] and re-exporting the file.”

  • The file may not be the required CSV file type format: check the file is a CSV file type

Important: Do not ‘Open’ the file itself as that may change the format from CSV. You can check the file type in File Explorer (AKA Computer/This PC) by right-clicking and selecting Properties.

  • If the bank site option you selected was a CSV format but the file type in Properties is MS Excel, you may have a setting that automatically opens files you download. Refer to the Browser section above.
  • Check the bank account download format option on your internet banking site matches the required download format option. Refer to the setup in Agrimaster below
  • The setup in Agrimaster is incorrect: Check the bank account in the Agrimaster Internet Banking Setup matches the required download option.

Note: some banks have multiple options.

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