Prerequisites To Using Internet Banking With Agrimaster

Internet banking works with most major Australian banks, with the exception of some smaller banks and international banks.

The following steps should be followed to determine if you will be able to use Internet Banking to its full potential.


  1. Log into your Banks website
    The majority of modern banks will have a portal for you to log in to your account and view your transactions.

    You will be issued a username and password (and possibly other credentials) to access your bank's internet banking service. If you are unsure of these details please contact your bank for these credentials.

    Once you have logged into your bank's website you can get started with Internet Banking, click here to get started

  2. Identify your Bank's Account Details
    Each Bank Account you own has a unique BSB & Account Number
    To use internet banking, you will need an understanding of what a ' BSB' is and what an 'account number is.

    The below sequence of number is what is referred to as your account details, these can be located on your bank statements.

    306-089 0001234

    The first 6 digits of the number represent the BSB, i.e. 306-089.
    The account number, i.e. 0001234 (maximum of 9 digits). 

  3. APCA Number
    The APCA Number is a bank-specific number that you can use for Direct Entry.

    You will need to contact your bank to confirm they allow you to upload batch files

    Please Note:

    • Credit cards do not have BSB and account numbers and are not compatible with the batch file procedure.
    • Ask the recipient for the BSB number and account number. 
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