Agrimaster Plus Setup Guide

Agrimaster-Plus includes both Agrimaster and Wagemaster programs. You will need to setup both programs. To help we have outlined the steps you need to setup your Agrimaster file.

The links will bring you to the relevant help articles.

Step 1. Install Agrimaster

Step 2. Agrimaster File Setup

All Agrimaster-Plus subscriptions include a free file setup.
If you would like the Customer Support team to setup the file for you, complete step 2a and step 3.
If you would prefer to complete the file setup yourself or with your advisor, complete step 2b and step 3.

2a. For the free file setup complete the form - Click Here

Please Note:

Once you submit the file setup form do not open your Agrimaster file until Customer Support informs you that the file is ready. While the file is in the process of setup, data cannot be added to the file until we have ceased sharing rights.

When the file is ready you will be notified by email.

Once you submit the Agrimaster file setup form continue to step 3 to setup Wagemaster.

2b. If you want to setup the file yourself or with your adviser, follow the instructions below or watch the video here

Setup Your Agrimaster File

Setup Tax

Step 3. Wagemaster Setup

Once you have completed the relevant steps above, follow the link below to setup your Wagemaster file. 

Step 4. Agrimaster Training

The Getting Started training covers everything you need to setup and start using Agrimaster - Click Here


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