Setup Child Support Payment


Child Support is setup as a post tax deduction in Wagemaster.


1. Child support deductions are setup in Wagemaster as an allowance deduction, untaxed and not included in the super calculation.  The image below is an example.  Depending on the amount to be deducted, the allowance can be setup with a predetermined amount each pay, as a percentage, or left as zero if the amount needs to be calculated each time.

  • Click on setup mceclip10.png
  • Click on allowances> click on add
  • You will see a welcome wizard, click next
  • Select Standard Allowance and click next
  • Add the details as per the image below and click next until finish

 CAUTION: Do not tick any boxes on the ATO Payment Summary tab.


 NOTE: The Child Support tick box is used in the User Defined Report which can be accessed by navigating to Reports > User Defined > Child Support Payments that can be run to provide you with details of all child support payments. 

2. For attaching it to employee record:

  • Click on Employee (Or Employee > Edit Employee) mceclip11.png
  • Select employee’s name from the drop-down list
  • On the left-hand side, click on payments > Click on Allowance > Click Add > Select “Child Support” from the description drop-down list.
  • The Child Support deduction can be added to the employee and an Amount can be left blank if it varies every time and it can be used for an employee before processing pay each pay run by selecting the Override Default Amount box and then entering any value in Amount.

3. After processing the payslip, it will show under deductions as per the image below:

4. When importing payments from Wagemaster to Agrimaster, you will see a single transaction which is only importing the amount the employee is being paid after tax and child support deduction as below:


5. Your next step will be to create a new transaction for Child Support payment to a third-party bank account before payment through eft’s or bank transfer.

If you need to create a code for Child support,

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