Reconciliation Balances Report

This report will list all the transactions in Agrimaster that have been reconciled to the bank statement in a closed month. If you are experiencing a reconciliation error in your current reconciliation month and you have traced the error back to a closed month.
You can use the Reconciliation Balances Report to down where the error(s) have occurred.  

To find this report:

  1. Go to Home> Cashbook> View Balances.
  2. The Balances screen will display.

    In the Report Type section:

    • Choose the Reconciliation Balances option.
    • Highlight the Bank Account that is out of balance.
    • Highlight the Month where the error occurred.
    • Click on the green tick to display the Reconciliation Balance Report shown below.


  3. To verify that you have found the month where the error(s) occurred, visually check the Statement Opening Balance on the Reconciliation Balance Report to the bank statement’s opening balance. Both totals should match but the Statement Closing balance on the Reconciliation Balance Report will not match the bank statement’s closing balance.

  4. Tick off the transactions on the bank statement to the transactions listed on the Reconciliation Balance Report transactions. Once you have identified the missing or incorrect transactions on the Reconciliation Balances Report, you can use Repair Past to add/edit or delete transactions to bring the month into balance.
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