Import Code List

To customise your file you need to import a code list. To do this you have two options available: 

  1. Contact the Customer Support team.
    1. Share the file to the support User Number 10521
    2. Email to let them know you have shared the file with them and you would like the team to import a code list to the file. 
  2. If your accountant or advisor has a code list they would like you to use ask them to contact support and we can import the code list into your file.
  3. Import the codes, enterprises and allocations from an existing file in Agrimaster, instructions below.

Import code list from an existing file

  1. Open your file via File Manager
  2. On the Home Page click Setup & Tools

  3. Click on Cashbook Setup 
  4. Click on Import 
  5. Click on the import bar with your mouse
  6. Select the 'work' file 
  7. Select the appropriate file to import the code list from.
  8. Click on the green tick to OK. 
  9. After choosing the appropriate file, you need to select what to import from that file.

    As in the picture below, select:  

    1. Codes
    2. Transaction Codes 
    3. Enterprises 
    4. Allocations 
    5. GST Setup 
    6. Tax Deducted Setup 
    7. Tax Withheld Setup 
    8. PAYG Setup

Important: Bank Accounts, Names and Addresses, and Descriptions can also be imported but these are optional.


9. Click the green tick.

mceclip14.pngPlease Note

1. All bank accounts and business affairs for one ABN should be kept in one file.

2. If you have any outstanding receipts or payments that need to be entered into the first month of your file, check you have not claimed or paid the GST in a previous BAS period. This will mostly affect customers who are on accruals accounting. We recommended you seek advice from your accountant.


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