Customer Service Agreement

As a paid customer you have access to a dedicated team of experts to help you get the most out of your program. We want to make sure you understand the service we offer.

There are multiple channels you can utilise to contact Customer Support:

  1. Call us on 08 6380 8800 
    If you have a support query that requires immediate attention, give us a call. Our Customer Service Officers will try to solve the issue for you during the call, however, if further investigation is required, a ticket will be created and logged into the queue. 
    Please Note:
    If we are experiencing a high volume of calls you may have to leave a voicemail. The voicemail will be turned into a support ticket and one of the Customer Support team will get back to you as soon as they are available. 

  2. Submit a Ticket
    Complete the Submit A Request Form and your ticket will go straight into the queue to be reviewed. The more information you provide the quicker we can help you resolve your query.
  3. Book a Designated Call
    Recommended for issues that won't stop you from working. This is done through the Support Calendar with the allocated date and time slots in the week. 
    Please Note: Designated calls are for issues that don't stop you from working. If you require immediate help, call us on the number above or submit a ticket. 

General Information

  • Support Hours
    Customer Support provides support to paid customers from 8 am to 5 pm AWST, Monday to Friday.

  • Call duration
    Calls are limited to 15 minutes per call to accommodate all our customers in a timely manner.

  • Response time
    We endeavour to respond to all support requests within 24-48 business hours (see Support Hours above).

Who Can Request Support?

  • All paid customers are able to request support.
  • You must be running the latest version of Agrimaster to access support.
  • You must be an authorised contact on the account to receive support. If you are not an authorised contact, the account holder will need to submit an email with the new contact name, email & number that they would like to add to the account. Once this information is received, the third party will be able to contact Customer Support on behalf of the account holder. 
  • Computer technicians are able to request support on behalf of a paid user with regards to the setup of Agrimaster/Wagemaster on the users PC/laptop.
  • Other third parties are not entitled to request support on behalf of the customer.

Our Customer Support Team Will Help You With:

  • Product installation.
  • Product errors & bugs.
  • Integration with third-party products.
  • Support in areas where we do not have 'how-to content' on the Help Centre or the Help Centre does not fully cover the task you need to perform.
  • Information on the products/features.

Our Customer Support Team Cannot Help You With:

  • Accounting or tax advice 
    Ask your accountant/consultant or bookkeeper for accounting or tax advice.

  • Terminal server issues 
    Seek help from an IT expert.

  • Hardware or operating system environment issues (e.g. Windows errors)
    Seek help from an IT expert with issues with your computer hardware or Windows errors.

  • Issues with your service providers (e.g. Internet issues)
    Seek help from your internet provider or service provider for internet or other service issues.

  • How to use your computer 
    Seek help from a trainer or view online resources to help you.

  • Bookkeeping & data entry
    Speak to your accountant or bookkeeper as our support team cannot provide accounting or tax advice or enter data.

  • Training
    Customer Support will respond to your support query but will not provide training. This is to alleviate lengthy support requests, which can cause delays for other customers with pending requests. Through your support request, if we determine that you require training, we will refer you to the how-to-videos and help notes on the Help Centre. 

    If you require product training:
    • The Help Centre has instructional content available which is accessible 24/7.
    • Training courses are advertised on our website.
    • 1:1 consultations are available. This is a chargeable service - contact Support for more information.
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