Print Full Budgets Worksheets

To print out all worksheets that compliment the Full Budget, complete the following:

  1. mceclip3.png Click on Budget 
  2. mceclip4.png Click on Full Budgets 
  3. mceclip5.png Click on Worksheet 
  4. mceclip6.png Click on Print Worksheet 
    The following screen will now appear.
  5. To print the WORKSHEETS ON FILE, select by clicking worksheets in right-hand side and drag with your mouse and click the Include mceclip1.png icon
  6. To print all worksheets for a selected budget, use the Full Budget Names picklist and select the budget for which you want the worksheets, this will automatically select all the worksheets for you. 
  7. Give the worksheets a PAGE TITLE.
  8. Choose the NUMBER OF COPIES to print and the NUMBER OF PAGES FROM 
  9. Make changes to the WORKSHEET TITLE if required
  10. When you have chosen all that you need, click mceclip9.png to confirm amendments and to verify the print
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