Create EFT Cash Transfer

An EFT cash transfer is used to transfer money between your bank accounts in your Agrimaster file.

Normally, when entering a cash transfer into the cash book, it is entered via the cash transfer icon.  When transferring funds between accounts within the same Agrimaster company file, you may choose to do this through EFT, ACC/PAY, CHEQUES.  

  1. At the Home page, click Cash book image001.jpg
  2. Click EFT, Acc/Pay, Cheques image002.jpg 
  3. Click Add New image003.jpg
  4. The Enter Cheques to print, EFT to send, Accounts Payable screen displays image004.jpg
    • Transaction Type: Select the EFT Cash Transfer
    • FROM Bank A/C: Select the bank account you will be using to pay from by using the drop-down arrows or by typing the first few letters of the bank account name
    • TO Bank A/C: Select the bank account the payment will be transferred to
    • Last Date for Payment: Enter the date the payment is to be paid
    • Message (EFT Max.18): Automatically displays as EFT CASH TRANSFER – this cannot be amended
    • Amount: Enter the amount to be transfer
    • Description: Enter a description for your reference (Optional)
  5. Click the green tick or press F10 to save
  6. Repeat the above format if you have additional direct transfers to complete
  7. Click the black X to close the screen

Once you have created all your cash transfers, you can then Create EFT Batch Payments and send them to the bank.

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