Check Suspense Codes

To import your bank statement from your bank into Agrimaster, you are required to add two new codes into your existing code list. 

  • The Suspense Receipts (as a code, directly under the RECEIPTS major heading), and
  • The Suspense Payments (as a code, directly under the PAYMENT major heading).

When reconciling using Internet Banking, items that appear on the bank statement that aren’t in the cashbook will default to the Suspense Receipts if they are money coming in (income), or to the Payments code if they are money going out (expense). You should recode all items that are coded to Suspense Receipts or Suspense Payments, with the correct GST category.

PLEASE NOTE: You may already have these codes in your Agrimaster file if we have set up the file for you.

To check the suspense codes, follow these steps:

  1. From the Home Page, click Setup & Tools image011.jpg
  2. Click Cashbook Setup image002.jpg
  3. Click Codes image008.jpg

If you do not see Suspense Receipts under RECEIPTS at the very top of the list and Suspense Payments under PAYMENTS, click this link to learn how to create these codes.

image009.jpg   image010.jpg

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