Intelligent Lists Function

This article is for users who want to use the intelligent lists function in the Cashbook.

The function uses the data you have entered previously for company to guess what codes, enterprises & allocations you will need when entering transactions. It can save you a lot of time when entering transaction data and can be combined with the recent function to save you even more time.

The function works best when there is a reasonable amount of data in a file – it may be of limited use if you have only recently started using the program. With 3 months' of data, the intelligent list will start to be helpful.

Activating intelligent lists

The function is off by default. Follow the below steps to turn it on:

  1. From the Home page, click Setup and Tools.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Select Activate intelligent. Leave all the other options on this page as they are image003.jpg
  4. Click the green tick to save your changes.

Using intelligent lists

The intelligent lists function can be used in Transactions, EFT Acc/Pay Cheques and in Basic Invoicing Acc/Rec, in the same way.

To use the intelligent lists (the below screenshots are taken from the Transactions section):

  1. Enter a name you have previously used in the Name field, then press Enter or Tab.image004.jpg
  2. A list of the codes used for this name in the past will appear under Code.image005.jpg
    1. Select the code you need from the selection provided and then press Enter.
    2. Press Tab or Enter to go to the next field. Repeat this process for Enterprise & Allocation, if required.

Overriding Intelligent lists 

If the Code, Enterprise or Allocation you require is not in the intelligent list selections, you will need to override it. To override:

  1. Press the equals (=) key on your keyboard to return to the full Code, Enterprise or Allocation list.image006.jpg
    1. Select the required Code, Enterprise or Allocation from the list.
    2. Use the Enter or Tab key to go to the next field and continue to enter the transaction.
    3. All additions you make will be added to the relevant selection (Code, Enterprise or Allocation) for the next time you use the name you entered in the Name field.
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