STP2 Validation Error

Please follow the below instructions if you have validation errors in your STP reporting once you have migrated to the STP2

The most common error is;

- Income type is invalid for the PPE 

The most possible cause for this issue is you have processed/saved payslips in STP version 1 even though you have migrated your payroll file to STP version 2.

How could this happen?

This could happen if you have completed the migration on one device (PC) and forgot to update Wagemaster to the latest version on the other devices or if you have shared the Wagemaster file with multiple users and one of the users processed payslips without updating to the latest version of Wagemaster which has enabled STP2.

How do we resolve this issue?

1. Update the Wagemaster to the latest version - Install Wagemaster (STP1/STP2)

2. Check the previous revision in the Agrimaster File Manager to find the correct STP revision, which does not have an error in the STP portal.

2.1 You can click on the small three dots in the File History revision shown in the above image and open the previous revision in Agrimaster Read Only mode.

3. Once you find the correct revision, click the file restore option to restore the Wagemaster file.

4. Once the file is restored, please review your active employee's tax configuration setup to see if it has the required information for the STP2.

Employee> Payments> Tax> STP2 reporting > Select the income type > Once you select the income type, you will get a prompt to save the details.

5. Check the tax tables (setup> Tax> Tables) to ensure you have updated the custom tax tables as required by the ATO.

5.1  If you have any custom tax tables for the employees (Shearers) which has been approved by the ATO Tax Commissioner, the tax table name should start with ATO Defined or Seasonal Worker  

For example - User defined 12% should be renamed as ATO Defined - User defined 12%

6. Process the payslip which has been removed from the file restore

7. Send an STP update event to report the previous payslips to the ATO 

7.1 To send an STP Update event: 

Click on STP2> Send an Update event> Select the current Financial Year> Report to ATO 

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