More Information on latest Wagemaster Update

If this is your first instance of installing a WageEasy V8 release, ensure .NET Framework v4.8 is installed.  This is essential for connectivity to the STP Gateway.

  • We recommend that you check the .NET Framework version before upgrading to WageEasy V8.0.2 and if necessary, update to 4.8, before proceeding with the upgrade.
  • .NET Framework 4.8 is installed by default with Windows 10 (10 May 2019 Update and later); Windows 11; and Windows Server 2022. If you are using one of these versions, you are likely to be using the correct .NET Framework version, but you should still check.

  • The required version of .NET Framework must be installed on each pc and/or server where WageEasy is installed.
  • .NET Framework version 4.8 can be downloaded from .NET Framework 4.8 download

WageEasy v8.0.2 is a bulletin release which contains changes and enhancements for STP2 reporting, including:

  • Enhancement to the speed of processing STP2 reports
  • Addition of a loading progress bar for STP2 Update reporting
  • Addition of STP2 Reporting Groups in Planned Leave entry
  • Leave entry option for Cashed Out Leave to be excluded from Period Overtime
  • Added support for Income Type Countries of more than 40 characters
  • Correction to Gross (STP) values where a normal and supplementary payslip are completed in a single process
  • Correction for STP2 Pay Event Header gross value to include additional unused leave that is an ETP
  • Added support for STP2 mandatory reporting of business contact name
  • STP2 tax treatment code validation for Medicare Levy Reduction where no tax free is threshold claimed

This release also includes additional support for superannuation guarantee calculations for under 18 year olds working 30 hours per week.  Hours worked now includes adjustment hours for Leave, Makeup Pay and Termination Notice payments.


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