What's New In Agrimaster's V

 File Manager Software Update is due to be released on Tuesday 17/10/2023.


You will be able to update Agrimaster by the usual means of checking for updates via the File Manager menu, or the system will auto-update on your behalf once you have finished working on your file(s).

Screenshotsoftware update.png


As we have changed our code signing process, you may notice a slight difference in behavior following the update. Those of you running anti-virus software, such as AVG for example, may see a notification that the Agrimaster file is being scanned by your anti-virus software - DONT PANIC, this is what your anti-virus software should be doing!

Due to the change in the certificate, the signature of our Agrimaster program has changed, your anti-virus software is just validating the signature as it will be the first time it has seen it. Once the scan is complete, your anti-virus software will report everything is fine - and you can continue to use Agrimaster as usual! And, you won't see the scan message or screen appear again for Agrimaster, it's a one-time scan.

This is a standard procedure your anti-virus software is following, and although it may seem alarming to you, it is actually a secure step to ensure that your Agrimaster product has not been maliciously signed or contains malware.

Note- Software updates can sometimes take up to 10 to 15 minutes to update and restart your services, depending on your machine and internet speeds. Once the update is complete and if your Agrimaster File Manager Services are not back automatically, please restart your computer or ring support for assistance.

Remember, we are here to help and your satisfaction is important to us. Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

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