What's New In Wagemaster

The Wagemaster update includes these key changes: 

  • Correction to overstated PAYGW Tax amounts for terminated employees with ETP Tax paid
  • Correction to STP2 reporting for Salary Sacrifice deduction contributions 
  • Reinstating of Allowance amount override at Employee level
  • Update for Variable Income Type in STP2 reporting
  • Validation of Employee Address Country – removing capitalisation for “Australia”
  • Update for STP2 reporting to ensure correct rounding to 2 decimal places only.

To confirm you are using the correct version of Wagemaster, please refer to the screenshot below:

A close-up of a computer screen

Description automatically generated 


Please see our additional resources regarding the STP2 Transition: 

  • As Wagemaster's STP2 deferral expires on September 30th, any business that will not be ready to commence STP2 Reporting by the first pay period in October needs to contact the ATO now to apply for a deferralHERE. 
  • Dive into our STP2 resources guide for a seamless transition HERE. 


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