Overdue Invoice Payment

If you have not updated your credit card details within File Manager, your subscription will not be automatically paid by the due date. 

To Pay For Your Subscription: 

  1. Go to your email inbox and search for an email from Agrimaster with a subject titled
    "Reminder: Your Invoice From Agrimaster"
    • Alternatively, type Agrimaster in the search tab of your email browser and press Enter.
    • If you are still unable to find the e-mail, please search the Junk Folder. 
  2. Once you have located the email, click on Pay Invoice button. 
    Please note: If you have multiple subscriptions, you would have received separate e-mails. You will need to pay each invoice individually with a credit card.
  3. You will now be redirected to a secure webpage where you will select the payment option as shown below.
    Please note: Stripe secure payment only accepts Visa and MasterCard.


  4. Once a valid credit card number, expiry and CCV details are entered click on Pay A$ button. 
  5. The payment will be processed, and within 10 minutes, you will be able to access your subscription in File Manager.
  6. Should you experience issues during this process, please reply back to the Reminder: Your Invoice From Agrimaster" as shown below.
  7. Add details such as your contact number, user number and the problem you are experiencing so the Customer Support team can reach out as soon as possible. 
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