Single Touch Payroll Phase Two Deferral

This article is for users wanting to know more information about Single Touch Payroll Phase Two (STP2).

Wagemaster has successfully gained a deferral from the ATO for STP2 until 1 December 2022. As a Wagemaster customer, you also receive a deferral to begin STP2 reporting from 1 December 2022.

The deferral allows all Wagemaster customers to benefit from a controlled phased approach for new software releases, training programs and specialised STP2 events in readiness for managing the new reporting requirements as they relate to your organisation.

Wagemaster has already commenced work on STP2.

How Does This Deferral Work?

  • As a software provider that has been granted a deferral, this means that the deferral automatically covers all customers that use Wagemaster software versions (inclusive of v8 series and below) up to 1 December 2022.
  • Any customer that uses Wagemaster does not need to seek their own deferral, unless they believe they need a further extension beyond 1 December 2022.

What Do I Need To Do Now?

  • Familiarise your business and team(s) with the changes in STP2 and Employer Guides that the ATO has provided here

Is My Business Still Compliant If We Are Not Reporting Using STP2?

  • Yes, you are automatically compliant as you are covered by Wagemasters deferral approval to 1 December 2022. You will continue to report to the ATO using the existing STP1 version.

When Is The Last Date That I Must Start Reporting STP2?

  • You must begin reporting by your first pay period after 30 November 2022.
    • i.e. if monthly, then this could be on 15 December (your first pay period after 30 November).
    • i.e. if weekly, then this will be in the first pay period that is due after 30 November 2022. This could be any date in the first 7 days after 30 November 2022.

What If I Need More Time To Get Ready?

  • As an employer, you are also able to apply for a further deferral from the ATO past 1 December 2022. You need to apply with plenty of time for consideration before the expiry date of Wagemaster's deferral date. You can apply for a deferral by going to Online Service for business, or if you’re a registered agent, you can use Online Services for Agents.
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