Stapled Super Fund

This article is for users wanting a summary of requesting Stapled Super Funds.

From 1 November 2021, if you have new employees start and they don't choose a super fund, you may have an extra step to comply with the choice of fund rules.

If an employee chooses not to provide you with superannuation fund details you can contact the ATO to get a Stapled Super Fund.  However, this can only be done once:

  1. A Tax File Number Declaration is submitted, or
  2. An STP pay event has been done.

Click here to learn more on requesting a Stapled Super Fund. 

If a Stapled Super Fund is provided by the ATO and not by the employee pay contributions to the Stapled Super Fund.

Contributions can be made to an employer default fund only if;

  1. The employee does not give superannuation details, and
  2. The ATO does not provide stapled super fund details.

For more scenarios and to gain further understanding please visit the ATO's website. 

Wagemaster and Agrimaster cannot provide advice on Stapled Super Funds, please contact the ATO for more information.

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