Change Employment Basis - Casual To Full-Time Or Part-Time

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This article is for users wanting to change an employees' employment basis from casual employment to full-time or part-time.

Before moving the employee to the new full-time or part-time employment basis, ensure you have:

  1. Created A New Base Pay Rate For The Employee(s) - If pay rates are changing.
  2. Identified the relevant full-time or part-time award applicable for the employee.
  3. Click Awards.
  4. Go through the list of the full-time or part-time awards to check if the awards will suit the full-time or part-time employment basis. If the full-time or part-time award does not meet the requirements and is linked to another employee who has different award conditions you can copy the full-time or part-time award and edit it.

To Move The Employee To Full-Time Or Part-Time Employment:

  1. Click Employee.
  2. Select the employee name.
  3. Click Employment, then Employment.
  4. Click Change Award and follow the wizard.Change_award_for_a_casual.png
  5. Update the Employees Tax Table as per new information provided to you.tax_table.png
  6. Update the Employees Additional Tax Information per new information provided to you then press resubmit. This will ensure that the Tax File Number Declaration check box will have a tick in the STP portal.TFN_resubmit_button.png

Please Note:
The resubmit button will only be available if the TFN declaration has been sent via STP previously.
If the TFN declaration needs to be re-sent to the ATO but if the resubmit button is not available follow the article: Submitting TFN Declaration Forms With STP.


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