What's New In Agrimaster's V

The product improvements in Release include:


File Manager Interface changes

  1. We have made some small changes to the interface in File Manager, as per the below screenshot you can see the top bar has been streamlined:mceclip2.pngPrevious:mceclip1.png

New refer a friend option

  1. Clicking on 'Refer a friend' will take you to our website where you can get a code to get a discount on your subscription, and anyone you refer can get a discount for their first year:mceclip4.png

Updated Read Only Button

  1. The Open Read Only button has been updated, as the previous version looked like a label for the blue Open button, and some customers thought their file was only available in Read Only mode. Now you can see there are two ways to open your file:


Check if you are on the latest version of Agrimaster

Since the release of 6.5.0, we've had feedback that it's hard to tell if you're on the latest version. We release minor updates and bug fixes quite frequently and the way new way to tell if you are on the latest version is below:

  1. You may see a notification in the bottom right corner of your screen if there is a new update available: mceclip3.png
  2. You can also click on the button next to your User Name and select 'Install Updates' which will only appear if there is an update available:mceclip4.png
  3. You will see the below pop up message, instructing you to close any Agrimaster files that are open, and also letting you know that the File Manager screen will refresh to finish the update, click 'Install updates': mceclip6.png
  4. You will see the below status pop up to indicate progress:mceclip8.png
  5. File Manager will need to restart, so you may see one of the two pages below while it refreshes:



  6. File Manager will reload, you may need to log in again. Now if you check for updates, you will see the below: mceclip9.pngmceclip10.png



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