Change Employment Basis - Full Time, Part Time To Casual

This article is for users wanting to change the employee's employment basis from full-time or part-time to casual employment.

  1. Payout the employee's applicable leave entitlements (for example: annual leave) when processing the last payment under the old employment basis: Processing Leave When Generating Payroll.
  2. Before moving the employee to the new casual employment basis, ensure you have;
  3. Identified the relevant casual award applicable for the employee. 
    • Click Awards.
    • Go through the list of the casual awards to check if the awards will suit the casual employment basis, if the casual award does not meet the requirements and is linked to another employee who has different award conditions you can copy the casual award and edit the award

To Move The Employee To The Casual Employment: 

  1. Click Employee.
  2. Select the employee name.
  3. Click Employment, then Employment.
  4. Click Change Award and follow the wizard.change_employee_award.png
  5. Update the Employees Tax Table as per new information provided to you.tax_table.png
  6. Update the Employees Additional Tax Information per new information provided to you then press resubmit. This will ensure that the Tax File Number Declaration check box will have a tick in the STP portal.TFN_resubmit_button.png

Please Note:
The resubmit button will only be available if the TFN declaration has been sent via STP previously.
If the TFN declaration needs to be re-sent to the ATO but if the resubmit button is not available follow the article: Submitting TFN Declaration Forms With STP.


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