Setup Contact Names

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This article will detail how to create the contact name of your choosing to your preferences.

Creating names in Agrimaster must fill certain requirements in order to ensure autofill preferences work and ensure there are no issues when selecting the biller of your choosing.

Requirements for Contact Names:

  • Full Stop's - Cant be used
  • 30 Characters - Most Symbols are allowed (!@#$%^&*()_+:"<>?)
  • Capitals - Names that have more than one Capital in a row has to use Acronyms 

If there are any concerns regarding this, please note the contact names are only for your reference to billers for your understanding. They will not be produced on any Government reports with the exception of your Invoices.


Reformat Button

There is a feature that exists that allows the all the contacts in the file to be reformatted in bulk.

To ensure all the contact names are adhered to the correct format, follow the instructions below:


Step 1) Navigate to Setup & Tools


Step 2) Select Cashbook


Step 3) Select Names to preview the contacts list, once clicked the Contact Centre will appear


Step 4) Preview the contacts in the Contact Centre, then click the Reformat button


Step 5) Have a read of all the preferences below, then click the green tick



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