Enter An ETP For A Terminated Employee

This article will step you through processing an ETP, or additional ETP, payment for an already terminated employee in Wagemaster.

Post Termination ETPs - ability to enter ETP amounts after termination processed:

Please Note: This can only be done once an employee has been terminated in the Termination Wizard.


The employee was terminated using the Termination Wizard in Wagemaster.  After the payment was made and STP was reported, you have to pay the employee an ETP.  

  1. Ensure that you have an Allowance you can use and that the allowance is setup correctly, i.e. Taxable and Include in Super Calculation (if applicable), not reporting as an allowance.  In this example, the employee has to be paid In Lieu of Notice and therefore the ETP has to be included in the super calculation. Click here to setup an allowance.1.png
  2. Don't tick any boxes on the ATO Payment Summary screen.2.png
  3. Select the correct PPE and navigate to File > Maintenance > Supplementary Pay Slip and enter the ETP value as the Allowance mentioned in Step 1.3.png
  4. Modify the tax to be the correct value.  In this example, the in Lieu of Notice should attract 32% tax.4.png
  5. On the Employee Details screen > Payments > ATO Summaries > ETP Tab (at the bottom of the screen).  Right-click on the screen and select Add. This will open a new screen, the Add ETP Payment Details screen.5.png
  6. Select the correct ETP Code from the ETP Code drop-down.
  7. Enter the date the payment is going to be made to the employee.
  8. Enter the Taxable Value of the ETP.
  9. Enter the tax withheld.
  10. If applicable, enter the tax-free component (if any).
  11. Click OK to save.
  12. Create the banking file and transfer the funds to the employee.
  13. Report the Pay Event in STP.
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