Transfer Super From One Fund To Another

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This article will step you through moving super from one fund to another in the event where an employee has changed super funds and wants all his super contributions, that have not been paid to the super fund, to be paid to his new superannuation fund. In Wagemaster a supplementary payslip is used for this.


The weekly paid employee changed superannuation funds from Host-Plus to AMP. He advised the payroll department in the third week of the month that he wants all contributions for the month to go to AMP.

Step 1: Remove The Super Value From The Old Fund

  1. In Employee Details > Payments > Superannuation, ensure that the old super fund details are on the screen.1.png
  2. Select the correct PPE and navigate to File > Maintenance > Supplementary Payslip. Select Yes and select the employee requiring adjustment.
  3. Read the Warning screen and select Yes. The Warning screen explains that the boundaries of normal pay have been removed, therefore the pay slip needs to be checked very carefully before saving.
  4. Select Clear at the top of the screen and click Yes to delete all rows from the timesheet. Click Next.4.png
  5. On the Adjustments screen, delete any items that have values in the amount column, i.e. allowances as you don’t want any values to appear in the amount column.
  6. Select Superannuation on the left and on the right, select the Superannuation Guarantee line and Edit.
  7. Enter the value that needs to move to the new super fund as a negative. Click OK.6.png
  8. Select Next to go to the Pay Slip screen. It should only display the negative super amount.7.png
  9. Important: Make sure you double-check the payslip before saving. Save.

Step 2: Add The Super Value To The New Fund

  1. In Employee Details > Payments > Superannuation, highlight the Employer Award Super line and Edit.
  2. On the Edit Superannuation Contribution Details screen, replace the old information with the new fund’s details.
  3. Repeat steps 2 through to 5 of Step 1 above and this time you will notice that the super fund name is the new fund and the $ value is pre-populated.
  4. Select Next to check the payslip and then, once you’ve checked the payslip and agree that it is correct, Save.
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