Create New Awards (Association) File In Wagemaster

This article is for users who want to create or upload a customised award pdl file in Wagemaster. 
When first setting up a new company in Wagemaster, there is the option to load existing association (award) files. The Sample Association (sample awards) provides a good starting point for the creation of individual payroll requirements, with the loading of sample awards (part-time, full-time, casual and salaried), allowances and pay rates. Generally speaking, an Association file in Wagemaster can contain records of awards, base pay rates and allowances.

In Wagemaster, any institution, data supplier, association, company or organisation that provides employment conditions information is referred to as an Association. Associations are files (pdl format) that cover the core employment conditions or payment arrangements for employees in the company. These conditions may derive from an Enterprise agreement between the employer and union, an employment contract between the employer and employee, or from an industrial award. Whatever the source, the pay calculation factors for conditions such as overtime, normal time, leave, shift work, meal breaks, public holidays, rostered days off (RDO's), superannuation and termination are specified in the award files. Generally speaking, an Association file in Wagemaster can contain records of awards, base pay rates and allowances.

The Sample Association can be loaded at any time from the Association Data folder, the default location is: C:\Users\Public\Documents\Wage Easy Payroll\Association Data\Australia9.png

When creating your company, if no Association is selected, the screen below will appear.1.png2.png

This simply means that no award, pay rate or allowance examples will be created upon the creation of the company file. We recommend importing the Agrimaster Award Templates

At any time, Association files can be added, from scratch or by editing existing award files. Wagemaster allows you to setup Association files as and when needed, for example, upon implementation of a new EBA. The name of the Association file can be changed so that the name is relevant to your company.

Adding An Association

  1. From the main screen of Wagemaster, select Setup > Associations, then click Add.
  2. Click on the Internet tab and under the heading Download These Items.
  3. Tick Allowances, Awards and Base Pay Rates, then Update Now and Next.
  4. From the Update Data Source screen, select the option to Load from a disk file and then the Ellipsis button (box with 3 dots) to browse for the required file.
  5. The default location of the Association Data folder being C:\Users\Public\Documents\Wage Easy Payroll\Association Data\Australia. If you are creating an Association file unique to your organisation, please select the Sample. pdl File > Next.5.png
  6. With the Association file selected, click Finish to complete the update process.
  7. Once the update process is complete, click Close and close the Add Association Details screen. You will now have a new Association listed, titled Sample. With this Sample, Association comes a sample of awards (full-time, part-time, casual and salary), allowances and pay rates.
  8. To change the name and icon for your Association, in Setup > Association, double click on it and from the General tab enter the required Association name and change the icon if desired. This name will be visible for all awards, pay rates and allowances linked to the Association and the icon provides a quick visual display.
  9. In this example, the award description is changed from Non-Award Salary (screenprint above) to Salaried (below).
  10. To change the description of an award, double click on the individual award, then click the Change button from the General Information screen. Make the required change to the description and then click Close.
  11. The awards can be customised to meet your payroll requirements, by editing each award file in turn and moving through the various screens.  For further information regarding what is contained in each award, please refer to the Wagemaster Award Setup/Configuration article.
  12. Existing awards, pay rates and allowances can be edited to meet your requirements. If further awards, allowances or pay rates are required they can be added. Please consider using Wagemaster’s Agrimaster Award Templates and contact Customer Support to use the consultancy services to create your Association files.
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