Super By Department Report

This article is for users who want to run a Super by Department with Gross Total Report.

Since the 2009/2010 tax year, the ATO has required reportable employer superannuation contributions to be displayed on ATO Payment Summaries.

With Single Touch Payroll, RESC still applies. The STP Reporting step offers the RESC values to the ATO. 


  • Employee superannuation deductions before tax (salary sacrifice).
  • Qualifying additional employer contributions. 

For information regarding the rules for RESC, please consult the ATO website

To identify those employees who may have Salary Sacrificed to Super or had Additional Employer Contributions that are reportable as RESC:

  1. Run Reports > User-defined > Super by Department (if applicable) with Gross Total ReportIf you do not get this report option then please Download Super By Department Report. 1.png
  2. After these employees have been identified visit their employee records using Employee File > Payments > Superannuation.
  3. Select the Salary Sacrifice or qualifying Employer Additional Contribution line and Edit. Ensure the box Include on ATO Payment Summary as RESC is ticked. blobid2.png
    Please Note
    To make sure previously processed payments are offered to the ATO as RESC, you may need to run a User Defined query called Fix RESC flag 2021 that retrospectively applies the setting back through the year. 
  4. Navigate to HR > User-Defined Query Fix Super RESC Flag 2021. (If you don't have the query, download from the link here.)
  5. Check if RESC will be shown on individual ATO Payment Summaries by running the ATO Payment Summary Report.
  6. Click Reports > ATO Payment Summaries > ATO Payment Summary Report.2.png
  7. The Fix RESC flag 2021 query is available in a zip file containing both reports and queries useful at end of the year available on our help centre in the article linked here.  
  8. Check if RESC has been configured for STP Reporting by drilling down into a previously reported STP pay event. You may need to right-click and customise then drag and drop the RESC field into the grid to see the value displayed like this.14.PNG
  9. Alternatively, run the ATO Payment Summary Report by clicking Reports > ATO Payment Summaries > ATO Payment Summary Report.15.PNG
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